Customized Group Tours in New Zealand

Experience New Zealand’s natural beauty and vibrant culture on one of our customized private tours. From Maori culture in Rotorua to tasting boutique wines in Marlborough, our expert team will create an itinerary designed just for you.

Experience breathtaking crystalline lakes, towering peaks, icy blue glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, steaming mud pools and other natural wonders that make up this incredible country.

1. You Can Move at Your Own Pace

Customized group tours allow travelers to discover New Zealand at their own pace, from relaxing on a beach and strolling through a lush rain forest to trying exciting activities such as skiing, biking, white water rafting, mountain climbing and kayaking. Plus you’ll get to visit historic sites, museums and sample world-class cuisine and wine!

Find a company specializing in New Zealand tours is key to creating a tailored tour experience. Check reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp as well as reaching out directly to them directly for customer service assessments – an ideal provider should respond quickly with personalized responses rather than offering generic responses.

New Zealand will amaze and enchant you on any customizable group tour you take there, with its lively cities, expansive countrysides and incredible landscapes captivated by your customizable group tour experience. Marvel at Milford Sound’s panoramic vistas; explore Maori culture; sample local wines; or wander Hobbit Holes before stopping off at The Green Dragon Inn on an exclusive guided tour of Hobbiton Movie Set for some Lord of the Rings fan fun.

2. You Can Do What You Want

Customized tours offer you the ultimate custom experience, tailoring every aspect to you and your group’s individual interests. Your travel specialist will consult with you to understand which experiences are important and suggest activities you might never have considered otherwise – creating an unforgettable New Zealand tour experience you won’t soon forget!

New Zealand offers plenty of adventure, but its vibrant cities also provide ample opportunity for discovery. Enjoy its world-renowned food and wine on a personalized culinary tour or explore Auckland’s thriving arts scene; for Lord of the Rings fans there’s also Middle Earth as imagined by Tolkien and Peter Jackson through a customized tour!

Take a helicopter excursion for an aerial perspective of New Zealand countryside! Helicopters provide access to undiscovered backcountry terrain perfect for mountain biking, hiking or romantic picnics; or try your hand at heli-hiking on glaciers at Mt. Cook or Franz Josef–an unforgettable experience requiring no prior backcountry knowledge.

3. You Can Save Money

Your choice of tour company can have an enormous impact on your trip experience. Review reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and official tourism websites to gain an idea of what others are saying about the companies being considered. It may also be worthwhile reaching out directly and asking some basic questions before booking; their responses will give an accurate reflection of how professional and helpful they are.

Once you’ve decided on a company, ask about their customized New Zealand group tours. They should be able to give you details on all available options that match up with both your budget and interests; otherwise look elsewhere for something suitable.

As New Zealand is a small country, you should factor in travel time between destinations when booking tours there. If possible, book your tours in cities with an airport nearby in order to save money on airfare costs.

An excellent way to save money when traveling abroad is through rideshares with fellow travellers. Facebook provides plenty of groups where travelers are looking to save by sharing taxi and bus fares; alternatively, ask your hostel if there are any groups they recommend for ridesharing opportunities; additionally consider getting a local SIM card upon your arrival so as to avoid costly roaming charges.

4. You Can Meet New Friends

Traveling as part of a group allows you to share in the excitement of exploring a new destination with people you may not have known beforehand. By exchanging travel stories and exchanging perspectives, you may gain a fresh appreciation for each place visited. At Zicasso Travel Agency we can assist in finding an itinerary tailored specifically for your interests – be it hiking through the Alps or wine tasting on Waiheke Island.

If the idea of meeting new friends while traveling sounds appealing to you, consider joining one of Zicasso’s customized small group tours. We can connect you with an expert tour guide in your destination who can give an intimate perspective into its culture and history; depending on the tour option chosen, this might even give you the chance to enjoy activities with other travelers from all around the globe!

Small group tours offer an ideal way to discover a new country quickly in just one day. On an Auckland-based tour, for instance, visitors could spend the morning at Waitomo Glowworm Caves before sailing on Lake Wakatipu for dinner cruise at Walter Peak High Country Farm where you’ll experience New Zealand hospitality as you feast on delicious roasted meats, seafood dishes and homemade desserts at Colonel’s Homestead.

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