Nature and Wildlife Group Tours in New Zealand

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Experience New Zealand’s natural splendor on this group tour. Trek through dense rainforest, sight the Kiwi bird (New Zealand’s national bird) in its natural environment and admire breathtaking landscapes like mountains, fjords and glacial lakes.

Explore Christchurch, rebuilt after its 2011 earthquake, before flying to Queenstown – situated on an idyllic sapphire-blue lake and framed by snowcapped peaks. Admire rare endemic species on Tiritiri Matangi Island before enjoying serene Milford Sound as your final stop.


Experience New Zealand with your family on an unforgettable tour. Swim with dolphins near Christchurch, explore mountainous farmland in the Southern Alps and witness colonies of albatross and penguins near Dunedin; visit Penguin Place in Oamaru to watch some of the smallest penguins waddle across their natural nesting grounds; experience nature via luging or jet boating adventures in Queenstown; all this and much more await you on your tour of wonders in New Zealand.

New Zealand is home to many unique birds and reptiles, such as the rare kiwi bird. Related to emus and cassowaries in Australia and Madagascar respectively, it belongs to the Ratite family that includes elephant birds from Madagascar. Although protected and difficult to see in the wild, you can catch a glimpse at Franz Josef Wildlife Centre, Kiwi Birdlife Park in Auckland or at New Zealand’s national museum in Wellington.

Tuatara reptiles can only be found in New Zealand, and are the sole remnants of an order that flourished during dinosaur times – they live up to 100 years. You might spot one during a tour of Waitomo Glow Worm Caves; Wellington offers Zealandia, an urban wildlife sanctuary protected from predators by predator-proof fencing that enables native species to roam free; join an iwi (Maori community) tour for insight into this incredible project!

Whales & Dolphins

Whales and dolphins inhabiting New Zealand waters are an impressive part of its natural history. Giant sperm whales can be viewed all year long on boat tours in Kaikoura while humpback, orca and southern right whales become more often visible during summer months. Bottlenose, common, and dusky dolphins can also often be spotted.

Visit Whekenui Bay in Tory Channel of Marlborough Sound to witness dolphins and fur seals playing in the waters below, while learning more about volunteer conservation efforts across New Zealand. It offers the ideal setting for land-based whale watching as well as discovering conservation efforts undertaken throughout this beautiful country.

Join a tour from Auckland and cruise into Hauraki Gulf Marine Park to search for whales and dolphins. Keep an eye out for common sights such as bottlenose dolphin pods and Bryde’s whales; Hector’s dolphin is rarer. As your crew shares its knowledge about marine mammals and the environment with you, keep your eyes peeled for Australasian gannets or petrels diving into the water from above or flying above.

Travel to Munro Beach or Banks Peninsula in Christchurch to catch sight of some real penguins – they may not be as adorable, but witnessing these flightless birds can still be an unforgettable experience!

Blue Penguins

New Zealand beaches see hundreds of little blue penguins wash ashore dead each year, alarming both local residents who walk their dogs along the shore and scientists trying to understand why so many endangered birds are dying off in such large numbers. While most penguins live on offshore islands protected from predators, their populations have been steadily decreasing where there is less protection.

Enjoy an unforgettable tour in Oamaru by witnessing some of the world’s smallest penguins come ashore after their day at sea on this 90-minute evening tour with a difference at Oamaru Blue Penguin Conservation Center. Home to over 130 pairs, visitors can relax on a purpose-built deck at dusk as these birds waddle towards their burrows on this unique evening tour – you can even upgrade for closer viewing with premium tickets available!

Blue Penguins Pukekura (“Guardians of the Penguins”) packs an abundance of knowledge into this small-group tour experience. Guides at Blue Penguins Pukekura (which translates to “Guardians of the Penguins”) boast extensive expertise on history, culture, zoology and botany – one can even trace his family connection back to where the penguins live! Their mission as “Kaitiaki (Guardians) of Takiharuru/Pilots Beach nature reserve” is keeping both penguins safe while helping visitors enjoy this natural attraction that has been recognized as one of New Zealand’s “Top 10 Experiences (TripAdvisor 2022)! Tours run November through December each year.

Glow Worms

Glow worms (Arachnocampa Luminosa) are mesmerising creatures found throughout New Zealand caves and forests, casting an alluring glow that fills them with beauty in the darkness as they search for food sources below ground. You can easily witness this spectacle with an appropriate night-time tour.

Waitomo Caves on New Zealand’s North Island is perhaps best-known as an exceptional place to view glow worms, with boat tours taking visitors through their vast underground cave system. But other ways of experiencing their beauty exist, including guided night-time kayaking tours or hiking through riverbanks and forest undergrowth.

Glow worms can only be seen in New Zealand, making their presence an incredible sight to witness. Spring and summer are ideal times to do so – as is when many other forms of wildlife such as orcas and sperm whales will also make an appearance!

Visit Waitomo Glowworm Caves is an essential experience for nature and wildlife enthusiasts in New Zealand. Book a tour now and experience a scenic cruise along Lake Te Anau, guided walks through beautiful limestone caves, mesmerising glow worms, and much more!

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