Adventure Group Tours in New Zealand

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New Zealand, often known as the Land of the Long White Clouds, is an adventure lover’s playground. From bungee jumping to glacier trekking, explore its wild landscapes that have made New Zealand famous.

Queenstown has earned itself the moniker “Adventure Capital of the World”, offering world-class mountain biking, hiking, skiing and rafting activities – among many others!

Zip lining

Zip lines offer gravity-defying thrills that let you speed down a mountainside or fly through treetops in seconds. All it takes to ride one is strapping into your harness and zipping away!

New Zealand is an adventure traveler’s haven. From hiking the rugged South Islands coastlines to witnessing Rotorua’s thermal wonders, New Zealanders take adventure seriously and offer friendly English-speaking Kiwi hospitality for a great journey.

Group tours to New Zealand are an excellent way to discover this uncharted corner of the globe, especially on a budget and seeing all its highlights in one trip. However, keep in mind that it is an expansive country and hard to cover everything on just one journey.


Canyoning is an evolving outdoor pursuit that utilizes various techniques to follow water routes through gorges, waterfalls and rock pools. Canyoning involves hiking, climbing and swimming alongside other skills like bridging chimneying and stemming.

New Zealand is known for its picturesque coastlines and majestic mountain terrain, making it one of the world’s premier wilderness travel destinations. Canyoning enthusiasts should make time to experience this fascinating sport; New Zealand offers numerous breathtaking gorges and waterfalls suitable for different skill levels.

Queenstown and Wanaka offer an ideal canyoning environment, boasting forests, alpine pools and extreme rivers that offer ample opportunity for this extreme sport. However, while generally safe, it should still be treated as extreme sports by travel insurance policies, which means booking with an established tour operator that specializes in this activity to avoid any mishaps or errors during your expedition.

White water rafting

Rifting New Zealand rivers will open your eyes to an incredible world of scale and beauty like never before, from gentle floats to exhilarating expeditions, with easy floats or extreme expeditions available – from easy floats to extreme expeditions, river rafting offers an exhilarating mix of adrenaline and natural scenery! Explore rugged coastlines, pristine rivers, alpine forests as you tour its North and South Islands; trek the Great Walks’ volcanic landscapes while swimming in hot pools filled with geothermal activity; cruise misty fjords as you immerse yourself into Maori culture – these adventure group tours await you!

New Zealand rafting trips are led by professional guides trained in white water safety, CPR and first aid; some may even specialize in wilderness expertise. To stay safe while on the river you must always wear a life jacket and follow the instructions of your guide. Rafts are constructed using strong materials designed to withstand rapids’ force while including brace mechanisms designed to brace and secure riders within their rafts.


Kayaking is an enjoyable way to discover New Zealand’s beauty. Kayaking can be enjoyed by people of all ages, providing them with an excellent way to see New Zealand’s natural scenery up close and interact with wildlife – not to mention exercising both mind and body!

Kayaks are open-top boats that can be navigated using paddles and offer the chance to explore shallow lakes as well as race on fast rivers. Kayaking offers both recreational and sport applications; for recreation you could paddle around shallow waters of lakes while racing down rivers is just another fun possibility!

Flying Kiwi makes traveling stress-free by handling all logistics for you and providing extras like ferry rides and wine tasting. All meals are also included, making these tours considerably more cost effective than similar companies such as G Adventures.


Are you seeking adventure? A guided tour may be just what the doctor ordered! Group tours provide the ideal way to meet new people while discovering a foreign country with an expert local guide taking care of all the details for you. Most guided tours also include transport, accommodation and activities so there are no worries at all when travelling this way!

New Zealand charms travelers with its captivating wilderness, skyscraping mountains, and golden beaches. Antique buildings line Auckland’s Polynesian city centre while Rotorua’s volcanic zone creates geothermal pools that bubble and steam up through geothermal zones. Or hike through its forests of North Island or relax by floating down Lake Wanaka for some aquatic fun!

New Zealand’s South Island provides adventure enthusiasts with a vast playground. Take a trek along Abel Tasman National Park’s rugged coastlines or kayak among dolphins and fur seals in Milford Sound; climb Southern Alps peaks that loom ominously, or glide amidst dense forests in Milford Sound; kayak in Milford Sound as dolphins swim by; see glaciers calve into lakes of New Zealand national parks… The possibilities for exploration on New Zealand’s South Island are vast!

Jet boating

Jet boating can be an incredible thrill in New Zealand and Shotover Jet is one of the best choices available to those seeking an adrenaline pumping adventure. They offer multiple tour options so that you can select one to meet your individual needs, including upgrading Kawarau River Jet rides with white water rafting!

Amuri Jet provides another exciting adventure. Their jet boats travel on shallow river braids surrounded by steep canyon walls and breathtaking mountains – you can even experience 360 degree spin with Hamilton Spin!

Wanaka River Journeys offer a relaxing jet boat tour along the Matukituki River, which runs from glaciers in Mount Aspiring National Park and boasts magnificent natural beauty. Their tour offers spiritual elements while giving an insight into New Zealand’s natural wonders.

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