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Baja has the greatest variety of animals.

You can see along the road Coyote and his friend the Road Runner. In some parts Deer and Antelope are part of the scenery with Mountain Goats. Many birds are wintering in Baja, Ducks, Cardinals, Eagles are numerous. On the road you might see burros, horses, cows, goats, sheep, wild rabbits, foxes, multicolor roosters and chickens.

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Doves and Quails by the thousands and Vultures are present with all kinds of other birds throughout the year. The Brown Pelican is in great numbers and puts out a real flying show as they glide along the beaches or the frigate bird that can glide for hours on the air currents without flipping a wing.

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At El Cardonal's Hide-a-Way you can observed many of migrating and resident birds.


Gray whales, blues and others of that big family come for a stay in the Sea of Cortez. The Grays come to the Bays of the Pacific to have their babies and mate.

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To protect these fine animals the Mexican Government declared off limits or with restrictions some of the areas used by the mammals, one such place is the "Laguna Ojo de Liebre" situated on the occidental side of Baja.


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